Recording Space Reservation Info

Due to the specialized nature of the equipment in the studios, we require users to briefly review some training materials.  The training materials will orient you to the equipment in the recording studios and elsewhere in the Media Scholarship Commons.  

Training materials are loaded into a GT Canvas Course in which you can self-enroll here. You can enroll at any time to learn more about the spaces, not just when you want to reserve the space. 

You can review these training materials, at any time, even if you don’t have a reservation. Once you have completed the short training modules in Canvas (takes approx. 15 min). You only have to do this process once, and you will then be on the approved list to make reservations and use the spaces. The short training simply demonstrates you are familiar with the equipment. Modules are suitable for novice, beginners and advanced, alike. All- levels are welcome.  

The Canvas Course is used as a resource for all the latest information and training for the studios.  

The Spaces

Video Recording Studio

Video Recording Studio

Audio Recording Studio

Audio Recording Studio

MSC Control Room

Control Room

These spaces give campus users access to reservable video and audio recording studios with control room, whisper booth, lightboard, and green screen technologies. 

What do you want to do?

 I just want to learn more about the space and services: 

 What are the available reservation hours? 

Available by reservation, Monday - Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm. Hours may be limited during holidays and breaks. Hours may increase as campus re-opens fully. 

 I would like to reserve the space for a project: 

  1. Review the Reserving the Recording Spaces & the Campus Reservation System videos
  2. Reserve via the Campus Reservation System 
  3. Self-enroll in the Canvas course
  4. Complete the appropriate module and quizzes in Canvas (Begin with the Start Here Doc). You only have to complete the modules once, not every time you make a reservation, just the first time you reserve a space. 
  5. Once you complete the appropriate module in Canvas, and we review your request, your reservation time is approved.  
  6. If you complete a quiz or module satisfactory, you remain on the approved list of users for future use. 

 Allow at least 5 business days for approval of all reservations.

Helpful Videos


I'm having trouble getting enrolled in the Canvas Course? 

You can self-enroll in the Canvas Course or have service managers add you. Contact Alison Valk or Jason Brewer if you have problems self-enrolling. 

How is Covid-19 and socially distant services effecting this service point? 

We are still taking reservations, but by appointment only, and limiting the number of users and reservations in the spaces. PPE and cleaning supplies to wipe down equipment are provided. Students are expected to follow appropriate protocol and guidelines . We will allow more users in the spaces, and expand options for reservations once campus and CDC guidelines allow us to do so. Masks are always required when interacting with staff. 

I need a special microphone or peripherals to work in the studio, where do I get them? 

In the Canvas Course there is a short module on available Microphone kits for the studio. Review that module. 

It is recommended that you bring your own headphones and/or adapters to work in the Audio Studio. The Whisper Booth works with standard 3.5mm headphones. The Podcasting station works with 1/4" jack.

Contact Alison Valk

Questions about the recording spaces?

Contact Alison Valk