Library partners with third Artist-In-Residence, Bojana Ginn

artist in residence
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The Georgia Tech Library today announced it has partnered with interdisciplinary artist Dr. Bojana Ginn for the third installment of its Artist-in-Residence Program.

An awarded conceptual artist and former medical doctor, Ginn creates at the intersection of art, biology, medical sciences, and technology. She will work with the Library throughout the summer and into Fall semester 2024.

This year’s program, which focuses on a media Artist-in-Residence, is a collaboration between the Library and the Interdisciplinary Media Arts Center (IMA).  It is funded by the Price Gilbert Jr. Charitable Fund and IMA.

“We are eagerly anticipating the art and experiences Bojana will bring to Tech’s students and the Library,” said Dean Leslie Sharp. “We expect she will deliver her unique vision to the Library’s spaces and technologies in new and exciting ways.”

Interested in the microscopic worlds of the body and environment in the age of digital and biotechnologies, Ginn explores human identity, mental health, AI and virtual reality, the techno-sphere, and trans-humanism.

“I am thrilled to embark on this incredible journey as a resident artist at Georgia Tech,” said Ginn. “The prospect of connecting with innovative, esteemed faculty and bright students fills me with boundless excitement.”

Ginn is known for installations that create a "soft space" for discovering the intimacies between humans and technology, a place where the technological and natural worlds connect.

“Being able to facilitate rich conversations and exchange ideas within this dynamic community is a dream come true,” said Ginn. “Moreover, the opportunity to explore and harness cutting-edge technologies opens endless possibilities for creative expression and experimentation.

“I can't wait to dive in, connect, and create new media installations that engage and inspire. This residency promises to be an exhilarating fusion of art, technology, and collaboration, and I am beyond grateful for the chance to be a part of it.”


Dr. Bojana Ginn is an awarded interdisciplinary artist, medical doctor, scientist, curator, and writer. Merging art, science and technology, Ginn creates installations, video-sculptures, and photography.

Her work is shown in galleries and museums in Atlanta, New York, Barcelona, Venice, Baltimore, Nashville, Savannah, Berlin, and in International SciArt Conferences in the United States, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Ginn was honored with the prestigious Ellsworth Kelly Award by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the Working Artist Project Award at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia. Ginn was a finalist for The World Technology Network Award in Art, and her video work was featured at the 2016 Venice Architectural Biennale. She often collaborates with scientific organizations like NASA, Georgia Institute of Technology, Augusta Cyber Center, Emory University, and SciArt Center.


The Georgia Tech Library Artist-in-Residence program, curated and programmed by Public Programming and Community Engagement Specialist Catherine Manci, enhances and expands the current educational experience through arts-based programming as it relates to STEM fields and Georgia Tech areas of study. A visiting artist engages the Georgia Tech community in an artistic and aesthetic exploration of the role of the libraries in society, and the Artist-in-Residence program supports the mission of the Library through arts-based programming and engagement as a core responsibility of the artist-in-residence.

World-renowned multimedia visionary Deanna Sirlin was the inaugural 2022 Library Artist-in-Residence. Her piece, Watermark, is on display on the ground floor of Crosland Tower.

In 2023 the Library partnered with former Georgia Tech assistant professor and double-graduate Jacket Tristan Al-Haddad for the second installment of the Artist-In-Residence program. His piece, Polycentric Truthes, is on display in Price Gilbert’s First Floor Reading Room.


The Interdisciplinary Media Arts Center (IMA) champions the fusion of arts and tech to bring public attention to the social and cultural implications of science and technology.

It is a partnership of the Georgia Tech Library and the School of Literature, Media and Communication. The Library is a space for experimentation, connection, and communication in scholarship and creativity that seeks ways to reduce the barriers between disciplines and intellectual communities. The School of Literature, Media, and Communication defines new models of intellectual inquiry and practice that bring diverse humanistic perspectives to bear on technological invention and innovation.

The center defines Media Art broadly, as any form of creative expression—for example in the visual, literary, or performing arts—that requires or incorporates technology to be realized. The intersections of practices and media inherent to Media Art facilitate transdisciplinary collaboration and renew individual creativity. The Center aims to reduce the barriers of disciplinary silos at Georgia Tech and spur innovation in our research and artistic practices.

To learn more about Media Arts at Georgia Tech, visit https://media-arts.gatech.edu/