Library partners for myDAQ loans

Rohan Sohani with a MyDAQ

Rohan Sohani, the current president of Tech’s Student Government Association, displaying a myDAQ instrumentation device. Starting in the Fall 2022 semester, all Georgia Tech students will be able to check out a myDAQ from the library — saving many upwards of $300 on the required piece of equipment for some ECE courses.

This summer the Georgia Tech Library, in partnership with ECE Cares, will offer free myDAQ loans to students in the college of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

A myDAQ — which costs about $220 — is a portable data acquisition device that gives students the power to prototype systems and test circuits. It is utilized in ECE courses 2020, 2040, and 3710

“The program actually started with one student saying that the purchasing of a myDAQ was causing a financial hardship,” said Joy Harris, ECE affiliated faculty member and director of the Engineering for Social Innovation Center. “Three hundred dollars is a lot to a college student, so we knew it had to be affecting other students, and we began to look into how we could reduce that hardship.”

Learn more at ECE Cares.