Reserving the Media Editing Suite

Step #1

Reserve a Gold Zone workstation. To see a list of available software, click on the blue info button located on the reservation page.

Media Editing Suite info button

Step #2

Check out the keyboard and periphery kit you need depending on the computer station you plan to use. All kits are available at the INFODesk, ground floor. Ask for Keyboard Kits by name.

  • Apple iMac 27" Kits: 1a, CTS-EDIT-118 (w/headphones & SD card readers) or 1b, CTS-EDIT-115
  • Mac Pro Kits: 1a, CTS-EDIT-120 (w/headphones & SD card readers) or 1b, CTS-EDIT-119
  • Dell Precision 5820 Kits: 1a, CTS-EDIT-215 (w/headphones & SD card readers) or 1b, CTS-EDIT-216
  • Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Kits: 1a, CTS-EDIT-218 (w/headphones & SD card readers) or 1b, CTS-EDIT-217

Step #3

The Media Editing Suite (Gold Zone Room, 3201) is located on the 3rd floor, Price Gilbert, near the Print Studio. Use your Buzzcard to gain access to the room. 


Apple iMac 27 inch

Apple iMac 27"

Gold 1 & 2
Mac Pro

Mac Pro

Gold 4 & 6
Dell Precision 5820

Dell Precision 5820

Gold 3 & 5
Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Gold 7 & 8




In the Gold Zone, priority is given to media related projects that have special graphic card or software requirements. You may be asked to leave if your project does not require these resources. Questions about access to the space can be directed to: