Records Policies

Accessing Records

Legal custody of records material housed in the Records Center remains with the department of origin, and records can only be released to authorized personnel from that department. Complete the Records Request form.


  • Complete one form for each file or box you are requesting.
  • Only authorized personnel from your department may request the return of files from Records Center storage.
  • The turn-around time for requested files is 3 working days. Requests for large numbers of files may, in some cases, take longer.
  • When the request is for a single record or file from a box in the Records Center, a Records Center Location tag will be attached to the record or file. Do not remove this label, as this label indicates where the record or file is to be refiled.
  • Original copies of the records can be returned to the department of origin via campus mail, courier, or the records can be held for pick-up by designated staff.
  • Each retrieval is recorded in our database and reflects information about the specific record retrieved, the name of the requestor, and the date of the retrieval as well as the date on which the records material is returned to the Records Center for re-filing.

Secure Destruction

Once records have met their retention requirements, your department will be contacted in order to authorize destruction of the material. A Request for Destruction form is forwarded to the designated Departmental Records Coordinator for signature.

Secure destruction of records material is handled by a vendor contracted to provide this service. Paper materials are shredded and other media such as microfilm, magnetic tape, or optical discs are physically destroyed to render information unreadable. The Records Center maintains information which reflects the date of destruction and the departmental staff member authorizing destruction.

Vital Records & Disaster Recovery

Vital records are those records which are essential for the day to day functioning of the Institute. In most instances today, these records are in electronic form. Your department should develop a disaster recovery plan that would address the recovery of such mission-critical records in the event of an emergency.

The Georgia Tech Records Center can provide off-site, off-line storage for back-up copies of vital records.

Electronic Records

Electronic documents are also subject to the same records retention schedules which govern paper-based records. Even though electronic records present fewer problems in terms of physical storage space, appropriate measures should be taken to comply with records retention schedules. Electronic records, including email, pose the same kinds of litigation risks as those associated with paper-based records.