Meet the GTRI Guides to the Resources of the Georgia Tech Library

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Georgia Tech and the Georgia Tech Research Institute have a synergistic relationship where the academic side (Georgia Tech) and the applied research side (GTRI) benefit from, and contribute to, each other.

An underrated component of the GT/GTRI connection is the Georgia Tech Library. The Library aims to “create, maintain and secure for the future an environment where scholars can access the vast digital cloud….”

The arduous task of organizing, sorting and searching through that cloud falls on the savvy staff of the library. A couple of whom have as part of their main job duties providing direct and focused help to GTRI’s researchers.

Raven Davis: A ‘Researcher’s Researcher’ for Data Analytics

Raven Davis, the inaugural Research Scientist in Data Analytics at the Georgia Tech Library, is pioneering a path that intersects technology, data, and education. With a background that moved from English-Creative Writing at Agnes Scott College to journalism, and finally to the realm of data analytics, Raven's journey has been anything but ordinary. Her role at Georgia Tech involves demystifying the complex world of data for faculty as well as students, providing a compass for those navigating the seas of information available.

Raven's journey into data analytics was sparked by her fascination with storytelling and its power to illuminate the human condition. Her academic pursuits, blending creative writing with a keen interest in the narratives data can reveal, led her to explore how information is transformed into actionable insights. This exploration was fueled by a story on a healthcare startup using predictive analytics to combat maternal mortality. 

"After reading that article, I became interested in the possibilities of using data to improve society," said Raven. This epiphany led her to Georgia Tech's online Masters in Analytics program, a decision that has positioned her at the forefront of the library's efforts to integrate data analytics into academic research and learning.

"I provide course-integrated instruction on data visualization and analytics, as well as workshops on Python and R programming," Davis explains. Her approach is hands-on, offering a lifeline to researchers and students who find themselves adrift in the digital age. Whether it’s through email consultation or collaborative sessions, Davis is committed to ensuring that the Georgia Tech community is not just literate, but fluent in the language of data.

Raven's work extends beyond the classroom and consultations; she is actively involved in curating data sets for the library's repository, ensuring that students and faculty have access to high-quality, relevant data for their research projects. Her initiatives in promoting open data and research transparency are critical in fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration at Georgia Tech.

Bette Finn: A Stalwart Guide Through Information’s Evolution

Bette Finn, the GTRI Subject Librarian, has witnessed first-hand the digital transformation of the Georgia Tech Library since 1989. Finn's tenure has seen the library's database offerings explode from a handful to over 700, a testament to the exponential growth of information and the technology used to harness it. Finn's role is multifaceted, offering everything from quick assistance by email to in-depth, personalized research consultations.

"My services include quick assistance by email, in-depth one-on-one customized assistance, and customized group orientations," Finn details. Her expertise in navigating the library's vast array of databases is a critical asset to the GTRI community, ensuring researchers have access to the most relevant and cutting-edge information available.

Finn's dedication to her role is fueled by a deep-seated love of learning and a personal connection to Georgia Tech, where her father taught engineering for 29 years. "Working as a librarian at the Georgia Tech Library has always been my dream job," she says. Her approach to librarianship is informed by a keen awareness of the transformative power of digital resources, which has revolutionized the way academic libraries support research and learning.

The collaborative efforts of Davis and Finn exemplify the library's mission to empower the Georgia Tech community with the tools and knowledge necessary to lead in an increasingly data-driven world. While Davis brings a fresh perspective on data analytics and visualization, Finn offers a bridge to the library's rich reservoir of resources, honed by years of experience and expertise.

Together, they embody the spirit of innovation that defines Georgia Tech, guiding GTRI researchers through the ever-evolving landscape of information and technology.


Databases Available to GTRI Researchers

Bette Finn provided these links to resources that the GT Library has available for GTRI researchers.