Assistant Dean for Collections Strategy and Development and Content Management Group Chair

Jay Forrest

Jay Forrest is the Assistant Dean for Content Strategy & Development and the Content Management Group Chair. While maintaining effective stewardship of the collection’s budgets, Jay leads efforts to ensure that Library Collections align with Georgia Tech's research, teaching, and learning priorities and meet an evolving and growing university's needs, with diverse viewpoints, interests, abilities, and perspectives.
Jay holds an A.B. from Duke University (Women's Studies|Comparative Area Studies) and master's degrees from Georgia State (Geography), Georgia Tech (City and Regional Planning; History and Sociology of Technology and Science), Florida State (Information Studies), and Kennesaw State (Software Engineering; Computer Science).

His service and scholarship focus on collaborative preservation of the print scholarly record, data literacy, and techniques to evaluate and model library collection effectiveness.   Recent presentations and publications include "Expanding Graduate Student’s Data Literacy" (2022), "Different Methods to Achieve a Common Goal: Four Libraries’ Experience in Assessing Journal Collections” (2022), and two chapters in the Data Literacy Cookbook (2022).

Subject Specialties: