Innovation & Ideation Studio

This low-tech studio environment is perfect for creative, messy brainstorming, in a group or by yourself. The large tables, work stools, and whiteboards are waiting for you to make a space where your ideas can take shape.

The studio is a talking floor, full of large work tables, rolling whiteboards, and high stools.

You can make noise, build models, and let your imagination run free. We hope you’ll use the Studio for any scholarly project that involves material practices like making, drawing, and building. 

The Studio is perfect for groups that need room to work on large-scale documents or models, interdisciplinary teams looking for a project space, or anyone hoping for an informal design space.

Location & Hours

The Innovation & Ideation Studio is on the 2nd floor of Crosland Tower. You can use the studio whenever the library is open.

Innovation & Ideation Studio

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