Read & Publish Reception

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Scholars Event Theater, Price Gilbert first floor
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Join us Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. in the Scholars Event Theater, located on Price Gilbert's first floor, to celebrate a transformative step towards Open Access at the Georgia Tech Library's first ever Read & Publish Reception.

This special event honors Georgia Tech faculty who have leveraged the Library's new Read & Publish agreements to make their scholarly work freely accessible to the global research community. 
About Read & Publish Agreements:
Read & Publish agreements are innovative licensing models that combine the traditional subscription fee (read fee) with the Author Publishing Charges/Book Publishing Charges (APC/BPC) necessary to make publications Open Access. This dual approach not only ensures that Georgia Tech faculty can access a vast array of research materials, it also allows them to publish their own work Open Access without incurring additional costs.
Why Open Access Matters:
Open Access is revolutionizing the way scholarly material is shared, allowing unrestricted access to research findings without the need for subscriptions or payments. By supporting Open Access, the Library enhances the visibility and impact of Georgia Tech's research on a global scale, fostering greater collaboration, and accelerating scientific progress.
Our Commitment:
The Georgia Tech Library has entered into several Read & Publish agreements that are particularly advantageous for our campus community. We have prioritized agreements that offer fixed costs for unlimited article publishing, focusing initially on society presses and expanding through consortia partners to major publishers frequently used by Georgia Tech authors.
Celebrate With Us:
We invite all Georgia Tech faculty who have utilized these agreements to join us for an evening of celebration. Enjoy appetizers and drinks as we recognize your contributions to making scholarly work more accessible and discuss the future of Open Access at Georgia Tech.

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