Media Arts Day 2024: What is on the Price Gilbert windows?: Live Lost in the Stacks recording with the Library’s Artist-in-Residence, Tristan Al-Haddad

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Scholars Event Network Theater, Price GIlbert first floor
Price GIlbert Windows image

Join Library Artist-in-Residence Tristan Al-Haddad Thursday, Jan. 18 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Georgia Tech Library’s Scholars Event Network Theater, located on the first floor of Price Gilbert, for a live Lost in the Stacks podcast recording.

This event is part of Media Arts Day 2024, a slate of public events in the Library showcasing the ways Georgia Tech explores the intersection of arts and technology in the classroom, in research and in creative expression.

Al-Haddad will be joined by Ph.D. student Gerry Chen. They will discuss using emerging technologies to achieve specific artistic visions, focusing on Al-Haddad’s “RAW AIR” mural project on Price Gilbert’s windows. Additionally, they’ll explore the fusion of art and technology and learn how experts leverage modern tools for innovative expression.


About Media Arts Day

Co-sponsored by the Georgia Tech Library and the IMA, Media Arts Day is a celebration of new ways of learning and creating knowledge born from the intersection of arts and technology.

It marries the Library’s reputation as a space for experimentation, connection, and communication with the School of Literature, Media and Communication’s work defining new models of intellectual inquiry and practice.

To learn more about Media Arts Day 2024, click here.


About Library Artist-in-Residence Tristan Al-Haddad

In 2023 the Library partnered with former Georgia Tech assistant professor and double-graduate Jacket Tristan Al-Haddad for the second installment of the Artist-In-Residence program. Al-Haddad, who also designed and implemented the Library’s seventh-floor roof terrace Crosland Chroma project, said RAW AIR “seeks to transform the written knowledge stored in the library into large-scale, interpretive drawings across the north façade of the building.”

For this project robotically enabled machines will translate the library’s information resources into a sprawling work of art spanning a whole side of the Judge S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library. This work will be co-created by students and executed by Chen’s human-style painting robot.


About Lost in the Stacks

The original research-library rock'n'roll radio show, Lost in the Stacks broadcasts on Georgia Tech’s student radio station, WREK Atlanta.

Each episode of Lost in the Stacks features an hour of music, interviews, and library talk, all united by a common theme. Georgia Tech librarians and archivists explore topics in library science, archival practice, information technology, higher education, research & scholarship, and who knows what else through interviews with students, faculty, and librarians.

To learn more or stream episodes, visit https://www.library.gatech.edu/lostinthestacks.


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