Love Data Week 2024 | Data Haiku Wall Day 2

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
INFODesk, Price Gilbert Grove Level
Data Haiku.png

Join the Georgia Tech Library from Monday, Feb. 12 through Friday, Feb. 16 for a journey into the world of data by writing a public haiku for display during Love Data Week 2024.

The haikus will be on display all week next to INFODesk, located on the Grove Level of Price Gilbert Library.

Here’s where you come in: Embrace your creativity by crafting a haiku the captures the essence of data management, processing, sharing, preservation, reuse and more. Simply write the three-line poem using five syllables, seven syllables, and then five again. Make sure your words convey the beauty and frustration of data-related concepts.

This event is part of Love Data Week 2024. This year’s theme, “My Kind of Data,” aims to highlight the personal aspects of data and its impact on our world.


About Love Data Week

Established in 2016, Love Data Week is an international event in which a wide range of institutions, organizations, scholars, students, and other data lovers celebrate their data.

Organizers aim to promote good research data management strategies, share data success and horror stories, and ask hard questions about the role of data in our lives.

As part of the festivities, universities, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, corporations and individuals are encouraged to host and participate in data-related events and activities. 

To learn more, visit the Love Data Week website.


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