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Events Management oversees all venues in the Library (Crosland Tower and Price Gilbert) and Clough for events and meetings. Please use this website to find more information about these three event locations and FAQs. Learn about what each meeting and event space has to offer, and how to reserve a space for your next event! 


 Allow up to 2 weeks for approval of all event reservations

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Event Questions & Reservations

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Reserve Clough Rooftop Garden

Special Events Request:

Reservation requests must be received at least 2 weeks in advance of the event start date. Room cancelations must be made 72 hours in advance of any scheduled reservation to avoid a $50.00 cancelation fee. 


Reservations are not official/confirmed until written confirmation has been issued. Do not announce or publicize any event dates/times/locations until an official confirmation has been received. 


Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.

As a requirement for all Clough Rooftop Garden events, please provide an alternate location in case of inclement weather.
Event Type:
Will your event be providing food?


All catering must adhere to the campus catering policy. Caterers must be Institute-approved.

IF YOU ARE SERVING FOOD AND BEVERAGES at your event, you must comply with the Institute policy and guidelines for catering and food services, and must have the proper approvals as mandated in the Institute Alcohol Policy. We require that you provide us with a copy of your Alcohol Prior Certification Request before your event.

Setup Request:

All setup requests must be submitted seven (7) business day per to event date.  

ex. Jane Doe (jd123), John Doe (jd456)

IF YOU ARE SERVING ALCOHOL at your event, you must have the proper approvals as mandated in the Institute Alcohol Policy. We require that you provide us with a copy of your Alcohol Prior Certification Request before your event.  

3 trash cans max

TRASH IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HOSTING DEPARTMENT. You will need to remove all trash from the space when finished. At the close of your event, all trash bags must be disposed of in the compactor located at the Clough loading dock. Please visit the 2nd floor core desk for assistance with access to the compactor. After disposing of trash bags, please place all provided trash cans in the 5th floor trash/recycle room.

12 tables max
10 chairs max
Will you need any of the following for your event (check all that apply)?

THE CLOUGH COMMONS STAFF ARE NOT ABLE TO PROVIDE SUPPORT OR ASSISTANCE WITH EVENT SET-UP OR CLEAN-UP. You must clean up immediately after your event, including removing all catering supplies, tables, chairs, and other equipment. The group holding the reservation will be responsible for any damage to the space including carpet stains, damaged tables, chairs, or equipment, etc.


Meeting & Collaboration Spaces

 see also Georgia Tech Events FAQ

Who can reserve rooms (faculty, students, staff)?
Current Georgia Tech students, faculty and staff with a valid BuzzCard may reserve library meting and collaboration rooms.

Will recurring reservations be allowed (ex. Weekly student meetings or study sessions)?
Due to the high volume of reservation requests, library meeting and collaboration rooms can be reserved no more than two weeks in advance.

What types of activities are allowed in library meeting rooms?
Library meeting rooms are only available for academic/scholarly activities. Student organization meetings are not permitted.

Is there a time limit for reservations?
Library meeting and collaboration rooms may be reserved for no more than 2 hours per reservation.

How far in advance can library meeting and collaboration rooms be reserved?
Library meeting and collaboration rooms can be reserved no more than two weeks in advance.

How long does it take before my reservation is approved?
Approval-based reservations can take up to 3 days to be approved.

What happens when a student or faculty/staff member cannot access the room for a reservation?
When a student cannot access a room, follow these steps to assist them:

  1. Make sure the student is properly swiping his/her Buzzcard across the nearest card reader.
  2. Confirm that student is trying to access the correct room.
  3. Confirm the student has received email confirmation of their reservation day/time (If the room is not an instant reservation room, his/her reservation may not have been approved yet. Reservation confirmation can take up to 3 days. Please remind students to make their reservations in advance).
  4. If the student can provide their room reservation a member of the security staff may open the door.

Who should be contacted if there are problems with the technology in Library meeting and collaboration rooms?
Current Clough Commons policy: Problems with the technology in the AV equip rooms can be reported 24 hours per day to the OIT Classroom Support by calling 404-894-4669.

Is food allowed in rooms?
Yes. The requesting party must check the box indicating the intent to have food when making its initial request to reserve the space. The requesting party is responsible for the clean-up of the space by the ending time stated on the approved reservation. All trash must be removed from the room and all surfaces wiped clean after use. Rooms must remain in their “as is” format.