Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Reading Room

In celebration of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, the Georgia Tech Library is honored to compile a variety of resources related to the history, culture, and study of Asia and the Pacific Islands. Georgia Tech is truly an international campus with students, faculty, and staff from all over the world. Celebrating and learning more about the experiences and origins of the members of our community represents the Library’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice on campus and beyond.
On the following page, you will find academic and popular readings and other media that help us understand the critical roles that the Asian and Pacific Island people and countries have played in shaping the United States in general and Georgia Tech in particular. We are also pleased to showcase some of the research and writings of our own faculty and alumni.
Lastly, the Georgia Tech Library condemns the recent attacks on people of Asian and Pacific Island descent and stands against discrimination, harassment, and violence of any kind. We welcome all members of the Georgia Tech community to come into our reading rooms for knowledge, reflection, and solace.
Please note: To access all resources on this page, you may need to be logged in to Georgia Tech's VPN.

 Special thanks to our contributors:
Charlie Bennett, Ameet Doshi, Jay Forrest, Amanda He, Lisha Li, Patricia Kenly and Leslie Sharp.

Getting Started

Anti-Asian Violence Resources:

Here you'll find resources that have been gathered to help individuals educate others, take action, donate, and more.

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Asian Pacific American Racial Justice Toolkit:

This resource includes modules spanning topics like Asian American Identity, Model Minority Myth, Gender and Patriarchy, Immigrant Struggles, Colonialism, Islamo-Racism, and For Black Lives.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Data:

This general resource includes statistics and infographics on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the U.S.

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Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Resources:

This community resource, developed by the Asian Pacific Labor Alliance, includes options for making your community safer, tips for talking about ending racial prejudice, and addressing your elected officials.

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Georgia Tech Voices

The following selections represent work created by Georgia Tech faculty dissecting, exploring and reflecting the unique and diverse Asian diaspora.

Relevant Books from Tech Faculty

Articles, Lectures & Presentations

Industrial Blockchain: A State-of-the-art Survey in Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing by Ali Vatankhah Barenji, Z. Li, Ray Y. Zhong, Z.G. Tian, Hong-Ning Dai, and George Q. Huang


Integrated Aircraft Routing, Crew Pairing, and Tail Assignment: Branch-and-price with Many Pricing Problems in Transportation Science by Natashia Boland, Sebastian Ruther, Faramroze G. Engineer and Ian Evans


The Phonetics and Phonology of South Kyungsang Korean Tones by Seung-Eun Chang


Outsourcing Customer Support: The Role of Provider Customer Focus in Journal of Operations Management by Alka Citrin, Stefan Wuyts and Aric Rindfleish


Carbon-weighted Economic Development Performance and Driving Force Analysis: Evidence from China in Energy Policy by Shijie Deng, Ming Lei, Zihan Yin and Xiaowen Yu


Measuring Segregation of the Poor: Evidence from India in World Development by Shatakshee Dhongde


Insiders Maintain Voice: A Psychological Safety Model of Organizational Politics in Asia Pacific Journal of Management by Liu Dong, Jinsong Li, Long-Zeng Wu and Ho Kwan

A Cinematic Presentation of Trash: An Interview with Wang Jiuliang in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center by Jin Liu


Human Capital in China, 1985-2008 in Review of Income and Wealth by Haizheng Li, Yunling Liang, Barbara M. Farumeni, Zhaqiang Liu, and Xiaojun Wang


Access to College and Heterogeneous Returns to Education in China in Economics of Education Review by Haizheng Li, Xiaojun Wang, Shi Li and Belton Fleisher


Social Networks and Study Abroad: The Case of Chinese Visiting Students in the US in China Economic Review by Haizheng Li and Lan Ding


The role of auditor narcissism in auditor-client negotiations: Evidence from China in Contemporary Accounting Research by Jason Kuang with B.K. Church, N.T. Dai, and X. Liu

Shadows and Voices: Shuang Xuetao's Fiction of Northeast China in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center Web Publication Series by Qi Wang

Library Resources

The following resources are provided, free of charge, from the Georgia Tech Library for students, faculty and staff. Many of the articles require a Georgia Tech login.

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