LibRARY Workshops

Instructional Faculty at the Georgia Tech Library teach over 100 workshops a year on professional technologies, software and scholarly resources to support your students and your research. Librarians can lead tailored, course specific workshops for students, by instructor request. Librarians also offer custom workshops for departments or research groups.

These workshops should be scheduled in advance and can be integrated into course syllabi or class projects when necessary. The library also offers free, drop-in workshops throughout the year. You can check out our drop-in offerings at the Georgia Tech Library calendar.


We offer hands on workshops that train users on tools such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), iMovie, CMS (Wordpress,) and a variety of Open Source tools for showcasing research or course projects. Topics include, but not limited to: Video editing, Audio editing, Web Design, Infographics and Visual or Print Design. For more information on workshop content visit:

Multimedia: Contact Alison Valk

Data Visualization and Analysis

We offer hands on workshops that train users on tools such as R, Open Refine, Plotly, Tableau and others for working with large data sets and data analysis. For more information on Data Visualization resources visit:

Data Visualization: Contact Ximin Mi
R: Contact Ameet Doshi or Jay Forrest

Grant Funding Tools and Resources

We offer workshops on Pivot, a tool for identifying funding opportunities. With Pivot, researchers, faculty, students and research administrators (including non-citizens) can easily explore new avenues for funding, view funding opportunities uniquely matched to their scholar profile, collaborate with colleagues and manage the results of the process to build a funding strategy that supports both immediate and long-term funding needs.

Pivot: Contact Liz Holdsworth

Patents and Trademarks

Are you an inventor, an entrepreneur, a student or a researcher who is getting ready to apply for a patent or someone who is curious about patents? Before you talk to a manufacturer or the public about your invention, it is wise to get your idea protected. A good patent search will help you identify prior art references that are critical to the patentability of your invention. In these classes, you will learn the patent basics as well as patent search strategies through hands-on exercises. For more information on Patent resources visit:

Patents: Contact Lisha Li

Citation Management

We offer workshops on Endnote, a software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references on the Windows and Macintosh desktop. EndNote  software is available to the Georgia Tech community, as part of your GT Technology Fee. For more information on Endnote visit:

Endnote: Contact Marlee Givens

Business Resources

We offer hands on workshops that train users on important databases and resources for in-depth research on Company information, Industry trends, Market Share and Financial information. For more information on Business resources vist:

Business Resources: Contact Patty Kenly