Writing & Communication Program (ENGL 1101/1102)


The goals of library instruction are to support the institute curriculum and equip Georgia Tech students with the skills to enable them to think critically about the research process, use information ethically, and communicate effectively.

Library instruction classes may include: course-integrated instruction on library resources such as the catalog or subscription databases, instruction on effective search strategies, instruction on using open access or Web resources for academic research, and instruction on multimedia software and hardware (multimedia includes but is not limited to: video and audio editing, visual design related tools, infographics, and mapping tools).


Please contact the relevant instructor directly:

  • Library resources & research strategies: Karen Viars, Humanities Librarian
  • Using multimedia hardware and software, including podcasting software: Alison Valk, Multimedia Librarian
  • Podcast planning workshops: Charlie Bennett, Public Engagement Librarian
  • Using the Georgia Tech Archives resources for research: Jody Thompson, Archives Department Head
  • A joint Library-Archives instruction session: Jody Thompson, Archives Department Head or Karen Viars, Humanities Librarian


  1. Please allow a minimum of two weeks’ notice to schedule a class. This allows us time to tailor a class to your students and assignments. Classes may be requested with shorter notice, but be advised we may not be able to fulfill your request and learning objectives for the session may be limited.
  2. Because we are often fielding multiple requests simultaneously, when contacting us about instructional services, please give us a few dates to work with in order of preference.
  3. Research shows that students gain the most benefit from library instruction scheduled in relation to a relevant assignment, and so we prioritize classes that are assignment-based.
  4. Please allow at least thirty minutes of class time to provide effective library instruction.
  5. Please provide us with a syllabus and relevant assignment to ensure the information that we cover in class is relevant and useful to your students. We encourage feedback from you on planned learning objectives to make the most of the sessions.
  6. Please plan to accompany your classes if they are taught in the library, or be present in the classroom if the classes are taught in another building, and to remain for the duration of all classes taught by a librarian. Interaction with the professor enriches library instruction and emphasizes its value to students. Any exceptions must be discussed in advance.
  7. If there is an urgent change in schedule, please contact the librarian teaching your class as soon as possible. Last minute changes may not be able to be accommodated.