Reserves Guidelines

  • Tips for Placing Materials on Reserve

  • Requests to place Library books on Reserve should include complete call numbers (year of publication, and/or volume number, when these appear as part of the call number).
  • Placing personal copies on Reserves is recommended especially for large classes.
  • One chapter from a book, one article from a journal issue and any publication in which you are the sole owner of copyright may be placed on Reserve.
  • Library-owned journal issues, bound journals and reference books CANNOT be placed on Reserves.  Personal copies of single journal issues should be provided instead.
  • Books acquired from ILL or GIL Express CANNOT be placed on Reserves.
  • Articles previously on Reserve CANNOT be placed on a second semester unless permission from the publisher is obtained.  This is a service we do provide.
  • Course packs for which royalties have been paid CANNOT be placed on Reserve unless the proper documentation is submitted with new Reserve request.
  • Rush order requests will be considered for books the Library does not own.  However, receipt of these books is not guaranteed in time for the term requested.
  • Tips for Producing the Best Scanned Image

    To produce the best-scanned images, we ask that you follow these physical guidelines when submitting materials for Electronic Reserves:

  • Print submissions should be clean, legible, and on white 8.5” x 11” paper. Handwritten copy (class notes, homework solutions, etc.) scans best when written in black ink.
  • Submit only single sided copy.
  • Copyrighted material must have COMPLETE bibliographic citation.  This includes journal articles, conference papers, excerpts from books, and possibly other materials.
  • Reserving New Material

    Material received…

    • by the last day of classes are available the first day of the next semester
    • the first week of the semester are processed within 3 to 5 working days or less
    • after the first week of classes are processed within 3 working days

    All incoming material is placed on a waiting list and processed in the order received.

    Renewal Policy

    Request to renew Reserve material must be received by the last day of finals.  Reminders will be mailed three weeks prior to the last day of classes.

  • Retention Policy

    Due to space limitations, only hard copy reserve materials being used for classes taught in the current semester will be housed behind the service desk. At the end of each semester, all such materials will be removed. Library owned items will be returned to the stacks and personal copies to the owner.

    Policy Exceptions:

  1. Materials which will be used for class support during the semester immediately following the current one.
  2. Books, manuals and other resources which are used by students throughout the year.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  1. After Reserves staff receives material to process for Reserves, when does it become available to students?

    During the beginning of a school term, we may require up to three business days or less to process items for Reserves. If you check Online Reserves and do not find an item you expect to see, give us a call at 404-894-7600.

  2. Does faculty need permission from students to put their papers/projects on Reserves?

    Yes, student papers/projects cannot be placed on Reserves without written permission of the student.
    Download the Student Permission Letter

  3. When considering material to submit to Reserves, is there a page limit on the amount I may provide as photocopy from a copyrighted source?

    Each use of a copyrighted item must be analyzed using the four factors, please see Board of Regents Copyright Policy. Generally, no more than a book chapter, a journal article, a poem, etc. may be taken from any one source and placed on Reserves. All materials must fall within use described by the four factors. Uses not meeting the four factors may require obtaining publishers’ permission. For help in interpreting the four factors, contact the Georgia Tech Library Reserves Unit, the Georgia Tech Office of Legal Affairs or Mr. Burns Newsome at the University System of Georgia Office of Legal Affairs.

  4. Can my Reserves reading be archived?

    No, course reserve material is not archived.