Things you should know before printing…

  • Black-and-white and color printing is available in the computer clusters located in the Library Commons, Multimedia Studio, Clough Commons, and the second floor of the Student Center. Printing in these areas is associated with the Buzzcard system. This means you’ll need your Buzzcard when releasing print jobs.

  • Print jobs can also be submitted from user’s personal computer by downloading the OIT Laptop Print Package available on the OIT Software Distribution website. Jobs sent for printing in the computer clusters still need to be released and will be held in the queue for 90 minutes after job is submitted.

  • Every student is allocated $2.20 each week on the Buzzcard for printing at any Pharos Station on campus. Students can also add funds to their Buzzcard to purchase additional prints after the allocation is spent.

  • Black & White (with or without finishing) = $.04/page
  • Color = $.19/page
  • CentralPS = No charge, but there is a 1200 page quota per semester
  • Printer names will vary by location
  • Printer names are slightly different and vary by location.

  • Black - Black and White Printers in the LWC, LEC, MM, Clough, and Student Center*
  • Staple - Black and White Printer with finishing unit for staples and three hole punch*
  • Color - Color Printer in LWC, LEC, MM, and Student Center*
  • CentralPS - Printed offsite and delivered to the Student Center Computer Cluster (2nd floor near the Music Listening Room). When you send a job to CentralPS, you will receive an email saying your job has been received and a link to check on the status of your jobs: If you did not receive an email or do not see your jobs on the website, please log into Passport to verify you typed in your correct email address. If issues persist, please contact us at:

    Current delivery times for CentralPS are:

    M-F - 9:00am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm
    Sat & Sun - none

    *This printer has capabilities of printing up to 11x17, as well as duplex.
  • All jobs need to be released at a designated release station, except for CentralPS.

How to print a job…

  • Choose the printer from the print dialog box (Black, Staple, Color or CentralPS).
  • Make any configuration changes (paper size, duplex, number of pages per sheet, layout, etc.) via the properties dialog on a PC or the various other drop-downs on the Mac.
  • Jobs will remain in the printer queue for 90 minutes before they are deleted.
  • When ready to release the jobs for printing, proceed to the designated release stations – usually near the printers you’re printing to. CentralPS jobs do NOT need to be released.
  • Laptop printer packages can be downloaded and installed from the OIT Software Distribution website, located at for personal computers on the Georgia Tech network. Once installed, follow the instructions above for printing and releasing jobs.

How to release a job…

  • Locate a designated release station next to the printers in the Library West Commons, Library East Commons, Multimedia Studio, Clough Commons or Student Center computer clusters. Use the release station for the printer you’ve designated.
  • Swipe your Buzzcard on the keyboard when prompted to do so.
  • Select the jobs you would like to print, and select “print” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pick up job at printer or bins if a CentralPS job per the delivery times above.

For-Fee Printing

The visitor workstations in both the LWC and LEC offer “for fee black and white’ printing. Print jobs are picked up at the Library Services Desk. The cost is $.10 per page, and may be paid in cash, by check, by Buzzcard or by credit card.

Users can also submit special print jobs, including color laser printing, to Georgia Tech Printing and Copying services. Jobs can be submitted electronically, but are picked up and paid for at 811 Marietta Street. Prices available on the PCS Website.