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The Library’s Serials Review Committee would like to thank you and your faculty for your efforts in identifying journals of importance to your college/ school and request that you forward this e-mail message to your faculty.  Over the summer, your input has been entered into our serials database and will be an important component of our decision process.
The good news is that the Library will not have to cancel journals for this fiscal year.  Be assured that your efforts are not wasted.  Faculty input in combination with other data gathered such as journal use, ISI Impact Factor, etc will be used to develop a list of potential journal titles to be cancelled.  Faculty will be asked to review this list in the event we need to cancel journals next fiscal year. 
The Georgia Tech Library’s journal budget is experiencing an inflation rate of ~8% which when translated into dollars, represents an additional ~$300,000 required annually, just to maintain our current journal subscriptions.  This does not include the large number of requests we receive to subscribe to new journal titles and databases as new faculty and programs are added and research areas expand.
The Georgia Tech Library is not alone in facing the issue of scholarly journals costs increasing at a rate greater than the overall rate of inflation.  This is often referred to the crisis in scholarly communication.  The Library has developed a web page that provides an overview of this issue as well as suggested resources for both faculty and librarians to help address this issue.  We encourage you to review this web site and become familiar this issue.
We welcome any comments or questions you may have about the review, journal subscriptions or scholarly communication. Please feel free to contact the Committee members or your subject specialist at any time.
Georgia Tech Library Serials Review Committee

  • Nancy Simons – Head, Collection Development & Chemistry Librarian – 404-894-1387 –
  • Lori Critz – Asst. Dept. Head, Information Services & Life Sciences/Engineering Librarian –  404-385-4392 –
  • Bonnie Tijerina – Electronic Resources Coordinator, Collection Development
XC:  Richard Meyer – Dean and Director of Libraries
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