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Serials Review 2006


The Serials Review Process

Journal lists to review
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Why review?
Factors to Consider

Subject Librarians

Serials Review Process
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Letter to the Faculty

Serials Review History
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Complete list of Serials
In mid-April, faculty recieve a list of all print and electronic serials GA Tech Library & Information Center subscribes to that are core or relate to that department. Anyone can view a comprehensive list by title or by subject. In addition to titles, publishers and cost, faculty will also be able to see Impact Factor, Rank in Discipline, and how much GA Tech community has cited or been published in titles over the past 10 years. Go to Factors to Consider to learn more details about these data points.

Reviewing the list
Faculty will have 3-4 weeks to review the full list of CORE and RELATED titles.

Each GA Tech department is asked to indicate a 1, 2 or 3 next to each title.
1 = essential, must keep
2 = important, keep if possible
3 = OK to cancel
Not more than 40% of the titles should be ranked as '1'

Please provide recommendations to the Library only on titles of highest priority.
1 = essential, must keep
Do not rank any journals on the RELATED lists as a '2' or '3'
Not more than 40% of the titles should be ranked as '1'

While reviewing, you may want to check out Factors to Consider to help you understand the information we are providing to you.
The Serials Review Committee has decided on titles that are not up for cancellation consideration based on their usage, cost or a society's package deal. Departments will not be asked to rate these. They will see XXXXXX in the Faculty Reccomendations column.

The Librarians' Review
The Serials Review Committee, along with Subject Librarians, will take into consideration faculty needs, campus-wide research, usage, cost, and citations. In addition, they will consider new areas of growth on campus and new material requested by the GA Tech community. With this information and a knowledge of our aquisitions budget, they will draft a list of possible cancellations for faculty review.

The proposed list of cancellations
In mid-July, faculty will recieve a list of proposed cancellations. We hope faculty will review this list and send us feedback including their concerns.

Final cancellations and new purchases
By the end of August, the Library will have a final list of titles to submit in order to cancel titles in 2007.

If you have questions throughout this process, contact us and check out our FAQs.

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