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April 11, 2006

Dear Faculty:

College Deans and School Chairs were notified last week that the Library is conducting a review of our journals. Below is information on the review process from the Serials Review Committee. The attached file provides greater detail on the review process as well as information on the data included in the journal lists.

If you need clarification or have any questions/concerns, please contact me or the Committee at any time.

From: GT Library Serials Review Committee
To: Faculty of GA Institute of Technology
Re: 2006 Serials Review Project

Several factors dictate the need to again review serials held at the GT Library. Serials costs continue to rise every year. Over the past five years we have experienced an 8 to 10% inflation rate for our serials and we anticipate the same rate of inflation for 2006-07. During the same five year period, the Library's materials budget has seen an average increase of 3%. Obviously, the Library's materials budget cannot continue to cover yearly increases of 8 to 10%. In addition there are continuing research and programmatic changes within the Institute that require us to reassess our journal subscriptions. This review will benefit from faculty input in assigning priorities to determine the best titles to retain in order to ensure that we have a collection that meets students, researchers and faculty current needs.

Each college / school is being asked to evaluate the journal subscriptions in their core area, and also in areas where there is strong interdisciplinary crossover (related areas). Print title lists are being sent to Deans / School Chairs this week and we are requesting that they coordinate faculty responses and return one completed list to the GT Library by May 8, 2006 . To facilitate the process, a Serials Review web site has been created that provides electronic access to your college/school's journal lists as well as a comprehensive alphabetical list of titles, instructions on the review process and the timeline.

Cancellation decisions will be made by the Library based on multiple factors including price, inflation rates, local use, availability at other local libraries or electronically through consortia agreements, ISI Impact Factors and ranking in relevant disciplines. In addition, faculty input is a critical component to our making well-informed decisions and your collaboration is greatly appreciated.

Georgia Tech Library & Information Center Serials Review Committee:

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