Bing Wang

Research Support Services

  • Assistance in researching topics for theses and dissertations, papers and projects, course web pages and class assignments.
  • Assistance with database selection and searching strategies.
  • Assistance with citation verification and current awareness and literature searches.
  • Research and reference assistance by appointment, e-mail, and phone.

Teaching and Other Services

  • Provide instruction sessions for individuals, groups, or classes on using library resources.
  • Provide course-integrated library instruction.
  • Provide orientation sessions for new faculty and students.
  • Consultation with faculty in structuring successful library assignments.
  • Consultation concerning recommendations for purchase of library materials.

Research Interests/Selected Publications

Zheng, Nanfeng; Bu,Xianhui; Wang, Bing ; Feng*, Pingyun "Microporous and Photoluminescent Chalcogenide Zeolite Analogs" Science 2002, 298, 2366-2369.

Zhang, Hongwen; Wang, Bing ; Li, Hongtu; Jiang, Yan; Wang, Jingyuan "Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites of silicon dioxide and polyurethane and epoxy resin interpenetrating network" Polymer International 2003, 52(9), 1493-1495.

Bu, Xianhui; Zheng, Nanfeng; Wang, Xiqing; Wang, Bing ; Feng*, Pingyun  "Three-Dimensional Frameworks of Gallium Selenide Supertetrahedral Clusters" Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2004 , 43, 1502-1505.

Professional Affiliations

  • Special Libraries Association


Master of Library and Information Science :: 2004
San Jose State University

Master of Science in Chemistry :: 2003
University of California , Riverside

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry :: 2001
Jilin University , P. R. China

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Assistant Dean, Copyright & Information Policy

(404) 894-0816

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