Clough Art Crawl deadline Jan. 31

CLough Art Crawl

The Clough Art Crawl is back! The biannual art show serves as a unique opportunity for Georgia Tech students to showcase their artistic talents with themed exhibitions in the spring and fall. 

The theme for the spring 2020 exhibition is Identity, Community, and Belonging. We encourage artists to explore, examine, and celebrate the various aspects and perspectives of identity, community, and belonging. Artwork can represent a look at one’s self, the world, or anything in between. The show will open March 12, 2020.

We are accepting submissions from undergraduate and graduate students in the following categories (click the category to submit your work):

Digital Art/Code-based Art
Structural Art (i.e. sculpture, architecture, crafts, and textiles)
Literary Works (i.e. poetry/prose, comics, and short stories)
Film/Video* (i.e. animation, short film, experimental film)

*Note: Films/videos should not exceed 5 minutes in length.

Submissions for the Spring 2020 Clough Art Crawl close Jan. 31, 2020.