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  1. All patrons must register before receiving any materials. The registration form includes detailed rules for the use of the collection, and all patrons must provide their signature indicating that they agree to abide by these rules.
  2. The Archives staff is available to assist researchers with their various requests. Do not hesitate to engage the staff in your research needs.
  3. The books and collections are shelved in closed stacks. A staff member will bring the materials to you.
  4. Pencils and laptop computers may be used to take notes. Pens and personal scanners may not be used in the reading room.
  5. All materials must be used within the reading room. If you would like any items photocopied, ask a staff member for assistance.
  6. When using a manuscript or photograph collection, do not mix the order of the folders or the documents within. If you find a discrepancy, notify the archivist. Do not rearrange the items yourself.
  7. Do not fold, write on, lean on, trace, or damage the records. Handle all materials with care. Gloves may be required for handling some items.
  8. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the reading room.
  9. Please do not use your cell phone in the reading room.