Library Records Center

The Library Records Center is responsible for acquiring and cataloging all materials (including government documents received on deposit) in all formats and languages. The department is divided into four separate units, Acquisitions, Serials, Electronic Resources, and Cataloging.

Acquisitions Unit

Orders, pays and receives all monographs, serials on standing order, monographic series, microfiche, CD-ROMS, videos, etc. The unit also receives all selected gift materials.

Serials Unit

Is responsible for ordering and receiving serials in print, binding of all library materials, and maintaining the Current Periodicals stacks.

Electronic Resources Unit

Is responsible for the ordering and licensing of all material in electronic format (except government documents), including databases, electronic serials and ebooks.

Cataloging Unit

Catalogs all materials in all formats and processes (including barcoding, security stripping and call number labelling) all physical materials. The unit also coordinates with other departments, such as Digital Initiatives and Archives, in the provision of metadata for the institutional repository.

 Staff contact info:

Jacqueline Boyd Library Sourcing Coordinator 404-367-5453
Jacqueline Dankins Library Sourcing Specialist 404-367-6447
Carolyn Gill Library Sourcing Coordinator 404-367-0865
Amy Johnson LRC Operations Manager 404-367-0162
Alexis Linoski Licensed Content Coordinator 404-367-1584
Robert Luck Information Associate I 404-367-0427
Windy Scott Library Sourcing Coordinator 404-367-0393
Stephanie Shields Library Sourcing Coordinator 404-367-0865
Sofia Slutskaya Metadata Strategist 404-367-1550
Brent Tenpenny Library Sourcing Specialist 404-367-0865