Space Reservations

  • Library East Commons (LEC) Gallery:

    The LEC Gallery has a total of 700 square feet of wall space, plus 72 square feet of open floor space for free-standing displays. The lighting is capable of a wide variety of effects, and can be customized for displays. Further display specifics are detailed below.

    NOTE: This space is not available for use by student organizations. Student groups may use spaces in the Student Center and the CRC (Campus Recreation Center).


    Square footage:

    700 sq.ft. of wall space & 72 sq.ft. of floor space

    Display Options:

    Picture molding runs along the top of the walls,with monofilament on sliders for hanging works. Maximum weight of work, 22lbs. per cable/hook system

    Free Standing Curved Screens 5 @ 10' wide x 7' high
    Free Standing Straight Screens Several configurable screens, made of hinged panels 3' wide, 6' 8" tall
    Display Cases 2 @ 6' long x 3' wide,
    Platform 2' 6" high
    Vitrine (cover) is 18" high
    Pedestals 2 @ 6' long x 3' wide,
    Platform 2' 6" high
    Kiosks 4 rectangular columns @ 3' 3" x 3', 6' 11" high, on wheels
    Dropdown Projection Screen 9' 9" wide x 5' 8" high