Faculty Advisory Board

Created in Fall 2007 by Dr. Gary Schuster, the Library/Faculty Advisory Board - LFAB is an essential sounding board for the Library, particularly to enhance faculty engagement. Board Members facilitate faculty / Library communications, partner with the Library in areas of common concern including -- scholarly communications, author rights, information policy -- and serve as Library advocates and counselors. Topics discussed at recent meetings were scholarly communications, open access, the Library’s institutional repository - SMARTech, the Library commons areas, and Library and LFAB strategic planning. The Board meets six times annually.

Faculty Advisory Board

Left to right: Andy Zangwill, Doug Yoder, Wenda Bauchspies, Michael Best, Carol Senf, Richard Catrambone, Karen Feigh, Bill Underwood, Bob Pikowsky,
and Henry Matzinger.

The current Library Faculty Advisory Board (LFAB) members are:

Karen Feigh, LFAB Chair - Aerospace Engineering
Daniel Amsterdam - History, Technology & Science
Michael Best - Computing & International Affairs
Larry Bottomley - Chemistry
Jason Brown - Architecture
Eric Gaucher - Biology
Sam Graham - Mechanical Engineering
Martha Grover - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Harvey Lipkin - Mechanical Engineering
Henry Matzinger, Mathematics

Shane Owens - Georgia Tech Research Institute
Bob Pikowsky
- Public Policy
Milos Prvulovic - Computer Science
Henry Sauermann - Business
Carol Senf - Literature, Media & Communication
Mohan Srinivasarao - Materials Science & Engineering
Bruce Stiftel - City & Regional Planning
Julie Swann - Industrial & Systems Engineering
Bill Underwood - Georgia Tech Research Institute
Doug Yoder - Electrical & Computer Engineering
Andrew Zangwill - Physics